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SERVICES: Pavement Preservation Systems, LLC has expertise in flexible and rigid pavements. Our services include pavement condition inspections and development of pavement management systems for state transportation agencies.

SigliteSolar Siglite A-666
(Download the pdf for more information)

  • Saves Lives! Siglites for highways delineates highway for better visibility
  • GO GREEN with environmentally friendly Siglites
  • Solar Powered Light for Low Visibility Applications
  • Made of Molded clear tempered glass
  • Inner Structure: Solar Cell Panel with High Luminance LED: 2000 mcd
  • Purchase your Demo kit TODAY! Includes 12 units for $850. We suggest a mix of several colors to test what works best for your application.

Advantages of using Siglite A-666

  • Solar energy charged
  • Excellent application for highways, ports, docks, airports, pedestrian walkways
  • SigliteNO maintenance - reduce your maintenance costs
  • Economical long-term use
  • Automatic blinking or continuous solar markers
  • Colors: white, yellow, green, blue and red
  • Excellent visibility - highly illuminant LED with visibility of 800 ft.
  • One year manufacturer warranty


  • Solar Panel:
    • Operating Voltage: 1.92V
    • Operating Current: 160mA
    • Charge Time: 6 hours UV
    • Capacity: 3400mAH
    • Continuous Light: 48 hrs in the dark
  • The test distance is 30.48 m. Object angle 0.4°
  • LED Flash Rate: 300 times / minute ± 10%
  • LED: > 2000 mcd
    *for reference, 0.3 mcd is 100 times the visibility threshold of the average human eye.
  • SigliteMaterial: Nickel-Cadmium Rechargeable Battery
  • Impact Minimum Resistance: 19 tons direct impact
  • Weight per Unit: 0.9kg (~2 lbs)
  • Operating Temperature: +70°C ~ -20°C

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