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Pavement Preservation Systems offers expertise on asphalt additives and in-situ monitoring of pavement aging to determine when to perform surface treatments to preserve and extend pavement life.

Pavement Preservation Systems, LLC, offers:

  • Asphalt modification (polymers, chemical modification)
  • Innovative spectroscopic methods for in-situ testing of pavement materials
  • Pavement design solutions for flexible, rigid, and composite pavements
  • Proprietary asphalt product formulations with 50-gallon pilot mixing plant
  • Quantification of asphalt cement additives (polymers, PPA, and metals)
  • Specification grading of asphalt cement (DSR, BBR, and fatigue tests)
  • Development and optimization of asphalt emulsion production
  • Forensic investigation of premature and/or excessive pavement failure
  • Implementation and optimization of pavement preservation strategies to select cost effective treatments
  • Training in critical areas of current asphalt technology and pavement design

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